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GIZ 346 Food and Nutrition Economics This course discusses about the association between economic and food consumption and nutrient intake variables; inverse association between economic development and nutrition improvement; economic, agriculture and food policy and the effect on food consumption and nutrients intake; defining of poverty line and minimum living need, principles of food consumption cost minimization, food and nutrition program feasibility analysis, and measurement of economic impact of nutrition problem.
GIZ 347 Food and Nutrition Planning The course discusses comprehensively regional food and nutrition program planning which cover situational analysis, determinant and problem priority analysis, need analysis, formulation of strategy and implementation plan, and regional food and nutrition program advocacy in food and nutrition security system framework as part of national and local development integration.
GIZ 398 Research Methodology in Nutrition The course discusses about procedure and technique in nutrition research as well as scientific writing and reporting the research report.
GIZ 399 Field Work in Community Nutrition Two months of practical activity for identifying, analyzing and overcoming nutrition problem in the community through implementation of science and technology using community empowerment and partnership development approach.  The activity is conducted in form of internship which enable student to live, adapt, and learn together with the community.
GIZ 496 Field Work in Food Service Institution Two weeks of practical activity in commercial or non-commercial food service institution to analyze management of food production which cover planning, procuring and storing food; preparing, processing, serving and distributing the food; food and labor cost analysis; quality and food safety control; and the infrastructure including design and layout.
GIZ 497 Field Work in Dietetic  in Hospital Three weeks of practical activity in hospital to conduct nutrition care process on pediatric, internal medicine and surgical patients.  It covers nutritional assessment and diagnosis of patient’s nutrition problem; planning, implementing and evaluating nutrition care including enteral and parenteral food; by developing good communication and collaboration with health personnel in hospital.
GIZ 498 Seminar It is presentation of whole or partial part of undergraduate research project to obtain input for improving the report writing. It is held in front of other student and at least two lecturers, namely supervisor and the moderator.
GIZ 499 Undergraduate Research Project It is student scientific paper as final project based on comprehensive analysis using primary or secondary research data according to scientific writing method and supervised by one or two lecturers.

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