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GIZ 327 Nutrition Education The course discusses about theories of knowledge, attitude, skill, eating behavior and food promotion, nutrient balanced and health; psycho-social cultural aspect and its relationship with eating behavior change; concept and message of nutrition education; selection of education and communication method and technique; evaluation and assessment method of nutrition education.
GIZ 328 Nutrition Counseling The course discusses about component, service type and media; principles, technique and process of nutrition counseling; nutrition psychosocial behavior and client motivation technique; various setting and design for nutrition counseling; planning and management of nutrition counseling business; and integrating nutrition counseling in various health services activities.
GIZ 329 Bioethics The course discusses about concept, definition, and scope of bioethics, ethical clearance and informed consent for nutrition research and intervention, and the application of bioethics on research and community nutrition services; ethical code of nutrition profession including general obligation, obligation to client, community, colleague and partner, profession and self-determine rule breaking on ethical code of nutrition profession.
GIZ 331 Micro Nutrients Analysis The course discusses about chemical structure and characteristic of micronutrient and principles in micronutrients analysis, including vitamin and mineral and other chemical substance, such as pseudo vitamin, carotenoid and other nutraceuticals.
GIZ 334 Food Experimentation The course discusses about principles of experimentation on food product development to improve nutritional status through food (food based approach); including steps in developing new product, experimentation planning, product optimization, functional characteristic of food, food fortification, functional food, quality and food safety control, and organoleptic assessment.
GIZ 335 Food Service and Nutrition Management The course discusses about principles, and application of management and nutritional science on food service; management of quality and food safety in developing and managing food service business to meet the need of safe, healthy and nutritious food  according to consumer preference and nutritional requirement or the aim of the institution.
GIZ 344 Food and Nutrition Data Analysis The course discusses about principle in processing and analyzing food and nutrition data, which cover coding, file operation, computation and formulation on availability and consumption of food and nutrients adequacy; data analysis which cover the use of statistical software and other supporting software to conduct descriptive and inferential statistics analysis.
GIZ 345 Nutritional Epidemiology The course discusses about concept and scope of nutritional epidemiology, distribution of malnutrition (incidence and prevalence); surveillance and screening of under and over nutrition problem; outcome of nutrition problem, research design and method on nutritional epidemiology (exposure, measurement of distribution and association, sample size, validity and reliability); and application of nutritional epidemiology in formulating nutrition policy and program.

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