Code Course Description
GIZ 232 Macro Nutrients Analysis The course discusses about chemical structure and characteristic of macronutrient (carbohydrate, protein, fat) and basic of chemical analysis, particularly analysis of poly- and mono-saccharide (carbohydrate), protein and amino acid (protein), fat, fatty acid, fat quality, cholesterol) using conventional and modern method.
GIZ 233 Nutrition and Culinary The course discusses about nutrition basic principle in relation to culinary; nutritional aspect of food preparation; principles of culinary for various food groups; processing effect on nutrients content and nutrient loss minimization during food preparation and processing.
GIZ 234 Public Health The course discusses the scope of public health and environmental health sciences, including preventive and rehabilitative efforts to improve health, occupational health, hygiene and sanitation.
GIZ 241 Food and Nutrition Ecology The course discusses about interaction within human and between human and environment to fulfill food and nutrients need considering sustainable natural resources and environment.  In particular it discusses the problem and its determinant such as demography, social, economy, culture include poverty, health and environment, food and nutrition in bio-eco-culture; various type of food resources; changing in food habits and management strategy of  food resource.
GIZ 311 Evaluation of Nutritional Value The course discusses about bioavailability of nutrients and its association with diseases or nutrient deficit state, and technique to assess nutrient quality; factors affecting biological value such as food processing, and enhancer and inhibitor of nutrient absorption.  Those as considerations when determining optimal food source of nutrients to maintain health, academic and work performance.
GIZ 323 Dietetics for Infectious Disease and Deficiency The course discusses about dietetics as a prevention alternative and supporting therapy in infectious and deficiency diseases. Student will learn diet principals in hyper-metabolism condition, gastrointestinal disorders, hepatitis, respiratory tract and lung infection, also nutrients deficiency disease such as protein energy malnutrition, anemia, vitamin A deficiency and iodine deficiency disorder; energy and protein requirement of the patients and pathophysiologic condition underlying the diet objective and criteria for all those infectious and deficiency diseases.
GIZ 324 Dietetics for Degenerative Disease The course discusses about diet principals in patient with over nutrition and degenerative diseases in various body organ, such as cardiovascular, liver, kidney, locomotors and nervous system.
GIZ 326 Sport Nutrition The course discusses and study concept of energy transfer, including measurement of energy expenditure; pulmonary, heart, muscle and bone system for exercise; physical fitness and the measurement; nutrients supplement and ergogenic tools; energy balance and body weight monitoring; diet strategy for optimal sport performance  and nutrition for specific sport.

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