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Code Course Description
GIZ 111 Human Anatomy The course discusses about structure, location and function of human body organs in normal physiological condition to support good nutritional and health status.
GIZ 112 Introduction to Nutrition The course discusses about basic knowledge in nutritional science covering function, sources of food and impact of deficit and excess intake of energy, carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral, water and electrolyte. It also describes other nutrient components and introduces nutritional assessment.
GIZ 212 Human Physiology The course discusses about normal physiological process of various human body systems and its condition during pregnancy and lactation period. The process is discussed in the level of cellular, tissue, organ and organ system to support optimal nutritional and health status.
GIZ 214 Introduction to Nutritional Biochemistry The course study basic nutritional biochemistry; various biochemical reactions in human body in relation with utilization of food as nutrient source.
GIZ 217 Nutrient Metabolism The course discusses about macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, fat) and micronutrients (vitamin, mineral, water) metabolism, bioavailability and interaction between micronutrients; the mechanism which explain role of macro and micro nutrients in causing and/or preventing degenerative disease (coronary heart disease, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cancer).
GIZ 218 Nutritional Pathophysiology The course study principal etiology and pathogenesis of malnutrition, infection, allergy immunology, metabolic endocrine disorders, trauma and cancer diseases; clinical and laboratory findings of those diseases; also the association with nutrient metabolism changes.
GIZ 221 Nutrition Throughout Life Cycle The course discusses about characteristic of growth and development; nutrient requirement and adequacy; impact of deficit and excess of nutrient intake; and effort to overcome nutrition problem; in all human life stages, that are infant, under-five children, school children, adolescence, adult and elderly as well as during pregnancy and lactation.  It also discusses principles of diet planning in those life stages and physiological condition.
GIZ 222 Nutritional Assessment The course discusses about theory and assessment method of food availability, food consumption, nutrients adequacy (dietary reference intake); biochemical, anthropometric, biophysical and clinical nutritional status on individual, household and population; and socio-economic-culture condition as proxy indicator of community nutrition status.
GIZ 231 Science of Food Properties The course discusses about source and type of plant and animal food; physical, chemical/nutrient properties and its post-harvest changes of each food group.

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