Learning  for  Human  Development  dan  Natural  Resources  towards Sustainability:  An  International  Perspective

1.Challenges for the future (human capital, socio-economic, food, natural resources and environment)
2.The role of family farming in sustainable production and consumption
3.Community initiatives in caring for natural resources & environment 
4.International collaborative actions towards the sustainable future
(best practices)



1.Individual from the summer course participants.

2.Theme: human development and natural resources

3.Collecting abstracts with the provisions :


  • – Abstract must be written in English
  • – Maximum 250 words; the title maximum 15 words
  • – Font : Times New Roman 10 pt
  • – Abstract title is written without abbreviation, center, font Times New Roman 12 pt, 
  •    bold, no underline, no capital letter
  • – The author/s name separated from title 1 space, font Times New Roman 11 pt bold
  • – Keywords no more than 5 (five) words, italic, first word is lowercase and arrange in 
  •    alphabetical. Keywords are not the word/s that taken from title
  • – The abstract must include background, purpose, research method, results, and 
  •    conclusions
  • – The poster created includes all abstract content



2.Individuals from summer course participants


3.Theme: human development and natural resources


4.Duration: 3 to 5 minutes with MP4 format


5.Videos can be animation, documentary, infographic, or short movie


6.Creation has never been winner in simillar competitions


7.Participants must include the IPB University logo and FEMA IPB


8.FEMA has the right to use and publish videos contested by participants

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