NoJudulNama DosenPublikasiNo Penerbitan
1The Role of Event in Building Brand Satisfaction, Trust and Loyalty of Isotonic DrinkLilik Noor YuliatiInternational Journal of Marketing StudiesVolumer 6, No 6 (2014):
halaman 57-65,
2The Role of Relational Reward Benefits for Developing the Non-Financial Values of a Customer to an Organization: Structural Equation Modeling ApproachUjang Sumarwan, Lilik Noor YuliatiGajah Mada International Journal of BusinessVolume 16 Number 2 (May-August) 2014: 111-142
3Design of Decision Support System for Internet BankingTechnology Service Development: CaseStudy in PT Bank Rakyat IndonesiaLilik Noor YuliatiInternational Journal of Information Technology and Business Management29th July 2014, Volume 27, No.1, halaman 68-75, http://jitbm,com/JITBM27th volume/7 Decision Support System
4Managing Rewards to Enhance Customer Value:Ujang Sumarwan, Lilik Noor YuliatiJurnal Manajemen Teknologi. Indonesian Journal for the Science of ManagementVolume 13 Number 1 2014; Hal 1-21.
Empirical Study of Frequent Flyer Program/mantek/issue/current
5Managing Rewards to Enhance Customer Lifetime Value ;Ujang Sumarwan, Lilik Noor YuliatiAsian Social Science Canadian Center of Science and Education ; No.ISSN: 1911-2017; 1911-2025Vol.10; No.2; Januari; 2014; Hal.84-92.
6The modelling of online community relationship management on the formation of customer attitude in broadband celluler telecommunication industry of IndonesiaHatoyoInternational bulletin of business administration (ISSN 1451-243X)14 April 2014, p 105-117
7Model of phycisian decision making process on prescribing drug in IndonesiaUjang Sumarwan, HartoyoInternational Journal of Information Technology and Business ManagementVolume 24, no. 1, p 1-10
8Consumer Empowerment Profile in Rural and Urban AreasMegawati SimanjuntakASEAN Marketing Journal (AMJ) oleh Universitas Indonesia (UI)Vol. VI, No.1
ISSN: 2085-5044
9Study of Consumer Education in Bogor, IndonesiaMegawati SimanjuntakInternasional Asian Journal of Business and ManagementVol 2, No 5 (2014): October 2014
10Customer Satisfaction Analysis for HydroVac Vaccine (Case Study on Catfish Farmers in Kabupaten Bogor)Ujang Sumarwan,The International Journal Of Business & ManagementVol 2, Issue 11 November 2014
(ISSN 2321Ð8916)
11Strategic model of tin mining industry in indonesia (case study of bangka belitung province)Ujang Sumarwan,International Journal of Business and Management Review (IJBMR)Vol 2, Issue 3 July 2014, p 48-58

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